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Explore our curated collection and elevate your dining experience with elegance, craftsmanship, and the art of enjoyment. Discover the perfect pieces for your table, savour the flavours of our carefully selected wines, and immerse yourself in the allure of our captivating spirits. Each of them tells a story of dedication, tradition, and timeless beauty. Step into a world where every meal becomes a masterpiece, every sip a moment of pure bliss, and every gathering an occasion to remember.

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Maison Lehmann

Born from the desire to respect the meticulous work of winemaking, the Maison Lehmann is driven by the desire to offer a unique oenological and sensory experience.

Passionate about the world of tableware, the company settled in Champagne in the early 90s and became a specialist in the design of tasting glasses.

For several years now, Lehmann has been designing and creating Signature collections together with the leading professionals in the world of gastronomy, wines and spirits.

Wine & Spirits

Experience the allure of our carefully curated selection of premium spirits and globally acclaimed wine brands. Our portfolio showcases renowned labels that are highly sought after by aficionados and connoisseurs. From exceptional cognacs to exclusive vintage offerings, our prestigious collection caters to the most refined palates.

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Coravin is an innovative wine preservation system that revolutionizes the way you enjoy wine. By utilizing a specially designed needle, it allows you to pour wine effortlessly without removing the cork.

The system injects argon gas into the bottle, creating a protective barrier that prevents oxidation and ensures the wine's freshness and flavor remain intact.


The Atelier Perceval manufactures and sells high-end table knives, folding knives and kitchen knives. Based in Thiers, the historical capital of French cutlery, our knives are part of the know-how of this cutlery tradition. The Perceval knives are more than just an accessory around the plate: they enhance both your table as well as your dishes.